My son has attended Emmaus since kindergarten and will be graduating this May.  At first, my husband and I sent him to Emmaus because we thought it would be a safe, private school.   Through the years, we've realized it's so much more.  I've grown to appreciate the quality education and caring teachers.  I've seen my son grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually at Emmaus.  This education has been so important to me that my husband and I have decided to continue his Christian education in high school at Arizona Lutheran Academy.

- Shanna, mother of an 8th grader

Emmaus is home to me.  You know everyone loves you and I can trust them.  We are God's children.  I wouldn't go to any other school than Emmaus.    

- Hannah, 6th grade student

My son is an eighth grader at Emmaus.  I transferred him to Emmaus at the start of his seventh grade year.  I have watched him grow, succeed and develop more than I ever have in the time he has been at Emmaus. 

My son struggled in the public school.  It was  a daily uphill battle to get him any kind of after school help in the public school.  He was getting behind and falling through the cracks, as the student to teacher ration became overwhelming. 

After feeling almost completely hopeless and not having any direction of what to do next, I did all I could do; pray.  One morning while listening to K-Love, I heard them speaking about a few Christian Schools in North Phoenix that offered a variety of tuition assistance programs.  I had always wished that I could send my son to a Lutheran school but knew that I would never be able to afford it.  Thanks to assistance that Emmaus was able to provide, my son has been able to attend Emmaus and become a new person! 

He now enjoys playing sports, interacting with other Christian students, progressing in his classes and regaining his self confidence.  He would not be as successful in school or at the confidence level that he is at now without Emmaus.  Not only does Emmaus provide the Christian education that is so important, they also promote wholesome values, kindness, love and independence.  They also allow for children to still be children and feel safe.  I am so thankful to have found such an amazing school. 

- Kelly, mother of an eighth grader

Classes, recess, field trips and sports are all Christ-centered.  In sports, we win with class.  If we have a big lead we still play hard, but we don't fast break and run up the score.    

- Jack, 5th grade student

I was in 1st grade when Emmaus first opened its doors in 1976.  I have seen it grow from a one-room school, to a two-teacher school, to the wonderful faculty and campus that it is today.  I am thankful every day for all that I learned while at Emmaus.  I am even more thankful that my children have the same opportunity that I had to hear about Jesus everyday and to get a solid education in a safe, caring, Christ-centered environment.  The staff and the students have demonstrated to me over and over again that what is being taught here goes far beyond the 3 R’s.  I know that my children are being prepared for the future both academically and spiritually.    

- Tom Gray, proud graduate and parent



My child has been attending Emmaus since pre-K and is currently in the seventh grade.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about this school.  The children are taught much more than just academics here.  While the academics are far superior to what I was taught in public school, here in Arizona, it is the other stuff that really impresses me.  The kids learn respect, sportsmanship, to participate, to mentor and to treat others in a Christ-like manner.  The students, as well as their parents, are kept informed about what is expected from the students and whether they are meeting expectations.  Emmaus is not a school where a child can fall though the cracks.  


I especially like that Emmaus has events in which all the kids from pre-school to eighth grade participate in, which require them to perform in front of an audience.  By the time they finish eighth grade they are very familiar with this type of situation.  All classes perform in a family night each year, sing in church and present a Christmas Eve service each year, besides participating in the classroom.


All children that want to participate in the sports programs are encouraged to do so and everyone gets to play.  Sportsmanship and respect for your opponent is mandatory.


Older students are teamed with a younger students to help mentor them during the year and to promote interaction among all the students.  The younger kids really seem to like this because they get to know the older kids too.


In addition, to these wonderful things, family is really a big part of what happens at Emmaus.  Since it is a smaller school and everyone is able to participate in the extra curricular activities, you have the opportunity to meet and socialize with the other families.  Many friendships are formed not only among the students and faculty, but among the parents and extended families as well.


If you are looking for a quality education as well as a quality environment for your child Emmaus is the place.  


- Kelley, parent of a 7th grade student.     


I love Emmaus because it has so many sports and the teachers are interactive.  All the kids know each other well.  Emmaus is awesome!  

- Matthew, 4th grade student

What I like about Emmaus is that the kids here are nice and I get to hear and learn about God and how much he loves us.  I also like playing hand chimes and singing songs.

- Nikki, 4th grade student

We have been blessed to have our three children attend Emmaus Lutheran School. Our relationship with Emmaus began in 1991 and continued through 2010.  Being able to give our children the gift of a Christian education has always been a top priority for us, especially in today's world.  With the small class sizes and family atmosphere, it was the right choice for our family!  We felt our children were given a great education and a firm foundation of faith to prepare them for high school and beyond.

- Karen, parent of former students

I like Emmaus.  I love it!  I learn about Jesus and have a lot of fun.

- Jessica, 2nd grade student

We learn about God and we have a church that teaches about Jesus.  People who don't know Jesus can come here.

- Josiah, 1st grade student

Emmaus means a lot to me because this is my 12th year going to school here.  It's where I received a great education, but most importantly, I learned and grew in God's Word.  I love all the staff at Emmaus.  They taught me so many important life lessons and they encouraged me to never give up; even when I really wanted to.  I have been playing sports here since 4th grade.  It's a great experience working as a team and bonding with classmates.  I have so many friends at Emmaus, that I'm sure will be friends for life.  Even though I'll be moving on to high school next year, I'll always remember Emmaus and the things I learned here.

- Elsie, 8th grade student

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. ~ Proverbs 22:6